The quality in our product is not what we put into it. It’s what you’ll get out of it.

About Us

Sudoberry is a producer,  packer, and  exporter of high quality berries. Since being established in 1997 our production has grown to 47 hectares of covered production, 44 ha of strawberries and 3 ha of raspberries, and 10 ha of uncovered area . Of the 44 ha of strawberries, 6,5 ha are table top production. The recently improved packhouse facilities provides blast coolers as well as normal cooling facilities, allowing us to manage up to 250 pallets of fruit at any given time. Sudoberry has always tried to be ahead of its time, not only in terms of techniques, but also on the types of varieties of strawberries.

With a total area of 100 ha, still has the possibility to grow.

Over the last 5 years, Sudoberry, has trialled several different strawberry varieties, and today has selected as the main variety, Sabrosa. This variety has enabled us to provide our customers with a good tasting variety, with a good shelf life and flavour created by not only the unique Portuguese micro-climate, enjoyed on the west coast, as well as growing techniques used. Our berries are popular in both Portugal and Northern Europe, with the UK being traditionally our largest market. This has also enabled us to provide customers further afield, like Norway and Eastern Europe, since we guarantee not only great quality, but also extended shelf-life. Today these markets are in equal share with the UK.

We pride ourselves of our high quality standard, as well as ethical and environmental concerns. We are located in a Natural Park, so all our farm activity takes in consideration the biodiversity of the natural surroundings. Sudoberry is a certified company in the GlobalGAP, BRC and Field to Fork standards. Due to the high standard of the finished product we provide, we have amongst our list of clients several food processing companies, as well known retail chains.

Is our commitment in the future, to continue to provide our existing customers, and future customers, to the best eating quality berries, grown in a sustainable and safe environment.

Where we send our berries